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Tři Heteráni / Divadlo MASO

This performance is in Czech only!


This performance is in Czech only!


This performance is in Czech only!

MĚSTEČKO PALERMO USÍNÁ / Janek & Natálka & kol.

This performance is in Czech only!

BIBLE 2 / Janek & Natálka a kol.

This performance is in Czech only!


This performance is in Czech only.

Tři Heteráni / Divadlo MASO

This performance is in Czech only!

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#divadlo #hudba #galerie


<p><strong>Gaika has proven he is a&nbsp;creative force to be reckoned with, breaking ground sonically and aesthetically. Blending dancehall, grime and electronica, and with his live shows providing a&nbsp;visual experience like no other, his show on the 30th of October is not one to be missed. Now he presents his debut album, BASIC VOLUME, after captivating listeners with a&nbsp;blistering pair of acclaimed,self-released mixtapes Machine and Security and Warp-released EPs SPAGHETTO and The Spectacular Empire. Besides his audio-visual shows he presents his opinions and ideas in writing and sculptures too, not being afraid of criticising the system, police or government. His show at NoD will certainly give you some food for thought.</strong></p>

Alex Clare (UK): Acoustic Tour / support: Lukas Landa

<p>BRIT Award-nominated UK-born and Jerusalem-based multiplatinum singer and songwriter&nbsp;<a href="" style="color: rgb(54, 88, 153); cursor: pointer; text-decoration-line: none; font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 14px;" target="_blank">Alex Clare</a>&nbsp;is bringing his upcoming record to Prague&rsquo;s&nbsp;<a href="" style="color: rgb(54, 88, 153); cursor: pointer; text-decoration-line: none; font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 14px;" target="_blank">NoD</a>. Collecting favorites from his three previous studio albums and a cover of Bill Withers&rsquo; Hope She&rsquo;ll Be Happier, his first-ever acoustic album Three Days At Greenmount sees him get back to basics, while roaring louder than ever.<br /> &nbsp;</p>


<p><strong>Their music will embrace you but can not be easily captured in words. Appreciated by a&nbsp;majority of Belgian music critiques, Flying Horseman will come to Prague for the first time! The sextet around songwriter Bert Dockx surrounds you with bitter post-rock and nocturnal folk. Imagine a&nbsp;midnight walk through a&nbsp;dark forest. It can be ominous yet unbearably serene. Through the years, the Antwerp based band have developed a&nbsp;rich, organic sound that is theirs only.&nbsp;<em>Rooms / Ruins</em>, their fifth album, is a&nbsp;capricious, vibrant and strange affair that will send you inwards before catapulting you into space. If you fancy something similar to the sound of Nick Cave, save the date: 21. November, 19:00 at NoD!</strong></p>


<p>A series of concerts WOWs &ndash; Wonderwomen Save You will make its return to NoD with Kelly Lee Owens among others this autumn. The 28 year old musician will perform bits from her self-titled debut album she has made overflowing with experiments in electronic music that oscillate between cavernous techno, dreamy pop and krautrock rhythms. Despite her brief career, you most likely have already heard her voice and contributions on Daniel Avery&rsquo;s album&nbsp;<em>Drone Logic</em>&nbsp;that was released in 2013. Besides that, she&rsquo;s worked with names like St. Vincent or Jenny Hval. And that is just a&nbsp;beginning. Kelly Lee Owens will make her Czech debut on 6/11 at NoD. Tickets will be available from 26/7 via GoOut for 320 czk.</p>

Concert: The Light in the Voice

<p>A unique musical fusion, Chinese, mongolian jazz.</p> <p>Start at 19:00.&nbsp;</p>


<p>Her voice will bring melancholy without sadness. Lilly Among Clouds creates majestic songs full of beauty and harmony that will embrace you with an intimate pop feeling. She has been very prolific during her brief career that started just in 2015 with a&nbsp;self-titled EP. Last year, this 28-year-old German songwriter followed it with a&nbsp;proper album called Aerial Perspective. There she created a&nbsp;warm &amp; deep space out of vibrant beats, compelling sounds and atmospheric guitars always allowing her voice to shine. &nbsp;&nbsp;After a&nbsp;successful gig a&nbsp;Colours of Ostrava, she&rsquo;s coming back to Czechia and will enlighten you with her dreamy pop sound on 10/10 at NoD. Tickets will be available from 31/7 via GoOut for 300 czk.</p>

Julien Baker / support: Becca Mancari

<p>Singer-songwriter from Memphis Julien Baker is coming to Prague for the first time. Her tender voice will resonate through&nbsp;NoD on September 14th 2018. A&nbsp;country singer Becca Mancari to open the evening.&nbsp;</p> <p>Twenty&nbsp;two year&nbsp;old singer and guitarist Julien Baker started making music at the university with her band&nbsp;Forrister. She started playing solo in 2015 when releasing her debut album&nbsp;<em>Sprained Ankle</em>. It was a&nbsp;collection of humbly rendered&nbsp;folk&nbsp;songs, dealing with the topics of depression, substance abuse and also a crisis of faith, since Baker claims to be Christian. During her short career, she opened for bands and musicians like Death Cab For Cutie, Conor Obers or Belle &amp; Sebastian. In 2017, she got signed&nbsp;by Matador Records (Cat Power, Interpol, Pavement, Yo La Tengo) and released her second album&nbsp;<em>Turn Out The Lights</em>. The album is&nbsp;more expansive in sound and vision but&nbsp;the real draw is Baker&#39;s&nbsp;songwriting and lyricism.&nbsp;The result finds Baker narrating a deliberate meditation on how we each try to deal with our ever-shifting mental health, and the impact this can have on both ourselves and others. The album sets out to address how the process of coping with internal conflicts affects different relationships &ndash; romantic, familial, and friendly. Baker turns outward to embrace the challenges of the human experience, weaving personal struggles together into one surprisingly hopeful chorus.&nbsp;</p>

WOWs - OSHUN (USA) // support: The High Corporation @NoD

<p>Every woman is a neverending source of inspiration. If you lack women in music or generally in your life, we&rsquo;ve got a solution for you. Let us introduce to you a brand new concept of series of concerts dedicated to the promising females of the contemporary music scene no matter which genre. The first concert will take place on the 10th of May. NoD will welcome OSHUN, an afrofuturistic duo from New York. You will hear a fusion of hip hop, neo soul and African beats; acoustic instruments combined with the digital. OSHUN will connect with the spirit of their ancestors to manifest a sweeter tomorrow for us all.</p> <p><strong>Support: The High Corporation.</strong> The coalition of an ill beat confessor, classical guitarist, daughter of a preacher man and a disciple of low frequencies paints a new issues of the real music experience. Eager to find wide shades of sounds and urged to express their deepest musical imagination. Progress is their initiation. Mashing and bashing it all together to be connected with the audience.</p>

VEES // release No Way Back + support & special guests