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Tři Heteráni / Divadlo MASO

This performance is in Czech only!


This performance is in Czech only!


This performance is in Czech only!

MĚSTEČKO PALERMO USÍNÁ / Janek & Natálka & kol.

This performance is in Czech only!

BIBLE 2 / Janek & Natálka a kol.

This performance is in Czech only!


This performance is in Czech only.

Tři Heteráni / Divadlo MASO

This performance is in Czech only!

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#divadlo #hudba #galerie

CAFÉ BÖHMEN / Tomáš Roubal

Frutti di Mare / Vladimír Turner

Jakub Jansa - Club of Opportunities Ep.5: Keeping in Line

HYBRIDNÍ NESNÁZE / E. Braas, A. Sobotková, L. Clostermann, D. Šváchová, L. Hampel, A. Magrot

Julius Reichel: Death Row / 16. 3. 2014 / All Time High

Petr Dub - Projektivní test

Milan Mazúr: Ócuka

A New Type of Woman: Emancipation and Visual Presentation of Women under Communism

<p><strong>Panel talk with Czech-German writer and publicist Alena Wagnerov&aacute; and historian Denisa Nečasov&aacute;, part of the exhibition&acute;s supplementary programme.</strong></p> <p><strong>The talk comes up as a regular instalment in a series of debates entitled Democracy Zone, organized with support from the State Fund for Culture in the Czech Republic.</strong></p>

Martina Smutná: Together We´ll Mow, Thresh and Deliver the Harvest

<p>The exhibition of Martina Smutn&aacute; entitled <em>Together We&acute;ll Mow, Thresh and Deliver the Harvest</em> tackles two subjects which continue to be approached by Czech society at large either hesitantly, or contrariwise, with a good deal of emotion and lack of restraint: namely, the issues of the status of women, and the country&acute;s history under the communist regime. Actually, this sense of uncertainty in dealing with these two subjects may be correlated.</p>

VIDEO NoD: Jana Bernartová - View possibility

<p>Jana Bernartov&aacute;, in her work, looks for hid- den systems and orders of digital or real environment, working with technical differences and errors. She is the author of several computer softwares, and although it is a matter of mathematics and physics, her game and even the most accurate technologies get into situations where human senses and imperfections are gaining.</p>

VIDEO NoD: František Pecháček - Reload / Recover

<p>Franti&scaron;ek Pech&aacute;ček is one of the most significant personalities of the Czech visual scene. He specializes in 2D and 3D graphics - animation, creation of a generated virtual environment. His specialties include video projection and video mapping of buildings and environments. He participates in the creation of a visual on the scene of theater performances at the National Theater. He has also collaborated on video projections of productions at the Theater in Vinohrady in Prague, the Moravian-Silesian National Theater in Ostrava or the Vigszinhasz Comedy theater in Budapest.&nbsp;</p>

Anna Hulačová & Jana Vojnárová: Parallel Greetings

<p>The exhibition <em>Parallel Greetings </em>is centered around communication between two different media, and between two women artists linked together by an immanent thematic bond which works as an entrance gate to the penetration of one of their two worlds by the other, and vice versa. The process of physical symbiosis between sculpture and painting evolves here within the characteristic space of the show&acute;s architectural layout which reaches beyond the traditional gallery space, extending it lengthwise, and wherein a museum-style &ldquo;aquarium&rdquo; enclosure invites to a game of co-existing parallel worlds or variants of their potential states. The exhibition&acute;s layout is instrumental in evoking diverse impressions bordering on the world of science fiction: the communication and interpenetration of the two artists&acute; works points to straightforward suggestions of entrance into alternative temporal or spacial dimensions, parallel worlds or whole universes which give birth to various physical mutations of commonly shared material. This two-way <em>Odyssey</em> should be read in terms&nbsp;of a guide of an elusive past and a record of an imposed future.</p>