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Milan Mikuláštík: K základům skulptury & Instant Museum of Tiny Statuette

Tři Heteráni / Divadlo MASO

This performance is in Czech only!


This performance is in Czech only.

PKF - Prague Philharmonia / Polish modern school: Krzysztof Penderecki and Henryk Górecki

Programme Henryk Górecki For you, Anne-Lill for Flute and Piano Op. 58 (1956) Krzysztof Penderecki Der unterbrochene Gedanke for String Quartet (1988)…

MĚSTEČKO PALERMO USÍNÁ / Janek & Natálka & kol.

This performance is in Czech only!

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Marie Lukáčová & Valentýna Janů: MARIE & VALENTÝNA

Výstava Marie & Valentýna je kolaborativní projekt vizuálních umělkyň Marie Lukáčové a Valentýny Janů, který rozvíjí možnosti vzájemných podobností jejich formálních a koncepčních přístupů. Umělecké v...

Jakub Choma: Distant Hum

"Exhausted is a whole lot more than tired. The tired has only exhausted realization, while the exhausted exhausts all of the possible. The tired can no longer realize, but the exhausted can no longer possibilitate."  

DIVOCe! (Wildly - Art in Quarantine)

Martin Zet Lenka Tyrpeklová Milena Dopitová Tomáš Hlavina Jan Pfeiffer Janek Rous Magdaléna Stanová Šárka Koudelová Jimena Mendoza Lenka Vítková Igor Korpaczewski Matěj Lipavský Petr Stibral Sláva Sobotovičová & David Fesl Ivan Pinkava...

BE27 | A DREAM OF AN EXHIBITION: : Kintera, Rohan, Moyzes, Blochová & IoA, Ptáček, Mikuláštík, Machalický, Kubesa

On October 26th 2019 it will be exactly 20 years since the first exhibition took place in NoD, which was prepared by a group of creative artists around ROXY music club. The first eponymous exhibition "Visions" was a curatorial project of the already active artist Krištof Kintera. The organic...

BE27 | Julius Reichel / Bark beetle's nest: Requiem for a Tree

NoD's 20th anniversary NoD's 8th intervention in public space, which dominates the space above the intersection of Dlouhá and Rybná streets. In his wooden spacial drawing Julius Reichel thematizes the current crisis of "forests" in both local and global contexts. His instalation observes and emphasizes...

BE27 | Jozef Mrva Jr. / World Turns On Its Hinge

NoD's 20th anniversary A brand new site specific video intervention in Video NoD, which was created during Mrva's one month Video NoD Residency. Jozef Mrva is preparing a panoramatic video essay, that is built on his active theoretic research. His research is observing the changes in our perception of space in phenomenal...


Igor Hosnedl (b. 1988), a Czech author living and working in Berlin, is a significant representative of young generation of internationally established painters. His works were exhibited in Down & Ross Gallery in New York, in PS120 in Berlin, in The Brno House of Arts and Fait Gallery, Brno. His show in NoD Gallery is only the...


"The artistic research of Adam Vačkář is going at a pace that, in some respects, is a clear reference to the field of science. However, Vačkář’s intuitive approach aims at turning this pace upside down, making it circular and giving the elements that make it up and dictate the rhythm an aura that is sacred and at the...

TRANSGENIC MYTH / Pavel Příkaský

The real and the abstract mix in Pavel Prikasky’s pictures like fluids in laboratory solutions, the picture layers simulate the surface of a body or systems of internal material changes. Currents of nutrients flow through the painting, the pictures carry a micro world, hybrid physical bodies appear. He links to current phenomena...


The exhibition Standing, Holding a Waterlily carries on in the artist´s activist approach to major serious subjects, tackling them in ways that tend to give up the programmatic canon of standard interpretations and terminologies, for the sake of a largely emotional and personal, perhaps even somewhat simplistic operational mode....

RAFANI ART APARTMENT in the Heart of the City

RAFANI ART APARTMENT in the Heart of the City A newly furnished flat in the heart of old Prague. A unique living space, with culture and entertainment at a stone's throw from home. The flat is a project mounted by the art collective Rafani, encompassing a month-long period. The flat has a separate bedroom with a twin bed, bedside...

VIDEO NoD: Jana Bernartová - View possibility

Jana Bernartová, in her work, looks for hid- den systems and orders of digital or real environment, working with technical differences and errors. She is the author of several computer softwares, and although it is a matter of mathematics and physics, her game and even the most accurate technologies get into situations where...

Martina Smutná: Together We´ll Mow, Thresh and Deliver the Harvest

The exhibition of Martina Smutná entitled Together We´ll Mow, Thresh and Deliver the Harvest tackles two subjects which continue to be approached by Czech society at large either hesitantly, or contrariwise, with a good deal of emotion and lack of restraint: namely, the issues of the status of women, and the country´...

Anna Hulačová & Jana Vojnárová: Parallel Greetings

The exhibition Parallel Greetings is centered around communication between two different media, and between two women artists linked together by an immanent thematic bond which works as an entrance gate to the penetration of one of their two worlds by the other, and vice versa. The process of physical symbiosis between sculpture and...

Juliana Höschlová & Marta Antoniak: Bulimia Cocktail Party

In Prague and Krakow on August 7th, 2017 “We went to elementary school when Kinder eggs from St. Nicholas were a rarity and going to McDonalds‘ only a treat at the end of the school year. Colorful artefacts of a burgeoning capitalism, whose definition we began to grasp only a decade later, caused us states of excited...

Jan Pfeiffer: Two Rules for One Thing

Jan Pfeiffer has established himself as an artist working with diverse formats of creating complex signal situations thematizing different semantic contexts. His works abound in historical, mythological, religious and cultural connotations of both specific sites and purely abstract, even anthropological archetypal motifs. Pfeiffer...

Pavla Malinová & Pavel Dvořák: Bullying Eyes, Wheel Spins and Flies

This exhibition features works by two painters who have known each other since the time of their studies at the Ostrava University, and who have been close for many years now – not just personally, but also as regards their approaches to painting, characterized by sensitive reflection of the world around us, with its rapidly...

Daniel Vlček: Through the eye of mechanical reproduction

Daniel Vlček is interested in the link between artistic representation and industrial production and the relationship between sound and its visual expression. Certain formats in his body of work have been adapted from forms of industry, a fact attested to by his consistent work with loops and repeated motifs. Originally it was the...

VIDEO NoD: Pavel Karafiát - Objects On Horizon / Hic Sunt Dragones

The term "Hic sunt dracones" (here be dragons) was used by some ancient cartographers to denote the unknown territory that has not been maped or discovered. They labeled places that are on the horizon of our known world. Areas on the edge of the map during all times becomes a projection screen of our fantasies, discovery...

Tomáš Predka & David Postl: A Man Who Didn´t Take Himself Too Seriously

Both up-and-coming distinctive figures on the contemporary art scene, Tomáš Predka and David Postl met in the studio of experimental painting headed by the widely respected artist, Daniel Richter, at Vienna´s Akademie der bildenden Künste, where they were acquainted with some of the currently most relevant and...