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Tři Heteráni / Divadlo MASO

This performance is in Czech only!


This performance is in Czech only!


This performance is in Czech only!

MĚSTEČKO PALERMO USÍNÁ / Janek & Natálka & kol.

This performance is in Czech only!

BIBLE 2 / Janek & Natálka a kol.

This performance is in Czech only!


This performance is in Czech only.

Tři Heteráni / Divadlo MASO

This performance is in Czech only!

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Ester Geislerová & Milan Mazúr: REENACTMENT

Guided tour: A Dream of an Exhibition

<p>Guided tour through collaborative project A Dream of an Exhibition that celebrates 20. years of Galerie NoD.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

BE27 | ROXY Visuals Vol. 13

BE27 | A DREAM OF AN EXHIBITION: : Kintera, Rohan, Moyzes, Blochová & IoA, Ptáček, Mikuláštík, Machalický, Kubesa

<p>On October 26th 2019 it will be exactly 20 years since the first exhibition&nbsp;took place in NoD, which was prepared by a group of creative artists around ROXY music club. The first eponymous exhibition &quot;Visions&quot;&nbsp;was a curatorial project of the&nbsp;already active artist&nbsp;Kri&scaron;tof Kintera.</p> <p>The organic freestyle project&nbsp;<em>A DREAM OF AN EXHIBITION&nbsp;</em>connects all the curators who have&nbsp;been part of Galerie NoD&#39;s direction evolution during the past 20 years of its existence. The gallery&#39;s program used to be curated by Kri&scaron;tof Kintera, Ren&eacute; Rohan, Tamara Moyzes, Zuzana Blochov&aacute;, Jiř&iacute; Pt&aacute;ček, Milan Mikul&aacute;&scaron;t&iacute;k, Jiř&iacute; machalick&yacute; and currently it has been curated by Pavel Kubesa,&nbsp;the art director of Galerie NoD. Along the invited guests (Institute of Anxiety,&nbsp;Marek Meduna, Andr&aacute;s Cs&eacute;falvay, Matou&scaron; Lipus, Kateřina Olivov&aacute;, Marie &Scaron;tindlov&aacute;, Tom&aacute;&scaron; Vaněk, Jana Kalinov&aacute;, Matěj Smetana, Ad&eacute;la Součkov&aacute;, Martin Zet, Petr P&iacute;sař&iacute;k, Tereza Anderlov&aacute;) the curators are creating a rich mosaic of various futurologic messages and comments on todays society, gender politics, environmental crisis and intimate introspections and imaginative visions and unrealized &quot;dreams&nbsp; of exhibitions&quot;. The projects theme isn&#39;t the institution&#39;s history, but seeking a place and a power of art&#39;s voice in our common future&#39;s visions.</p>

BE27 | Jozef Mrva Jr. / World Turns On Its Hinge

<p>NoD&#39;s 20th anniversary</p> <p>A brand new site specific video intervention in Video NoD, which was created during Mrva&#39;s one month Video NoD Residency. Jozef Mrva is preparing a&nbsp;panoramatic video essay, that is built on his active theoretic research. His research is observing the changes in our perception of space in phenomenal structures of late capitalism of the 21st century</p>

BE27 | Julius Reichel / Bark beetle's nest: Requiem for a Tree

<p>NoD&#39;s 20th anniversary</p> <p>NoD&#39;s 8th intervention in public space, which dominates the space above the intersection of Dlouh&aacute; and Rybn&aacute; streets. In his wooden spacial drawing Julius Reichel thematizes the current crisis of &quot;forests&quot; in both local and global contexts. His instalation observes and emphasizes the relationship between the metropolitan blindness and the catastrophic situation happening beyond the borders of cities in the shadow of omnipresent political rhetorics.</p>

Vladimír Turner / Frutti di Mare Project: New challenges

Jozef Mrva Jr. - Video NoD Residency (Artist Talk)


<p>Igor Hosnedl (b. 1988), a Czech author living and working in Berlin, is a significant representative of young generation of internationally established painters. His works were exhibited in Down &amp; Ross Gallery in New York, in PS120 in Berlin, in The Brno House of Arts and Fait Gallery, Brno. His show in NoD Gallery is only the third Hosnedl&#39;s solo show in Prague (his former solo shows took place in Jelen&iacute; Gallery and Berl&iacute;nskej model).<br /> <br /> The exhibition Stolov&aacute;n&iacute;/Dining is build on his previous projects (Hundred Liters of Diet Ink in EIGEN+ART Lab in Berlin and Emerald Syrup from the Orchard of Promises in Fait Gallery, Brno). Hosnedl unaffectedly and sensitively observes the archetypal event of dining in its social dimension: as a moment of blending of social decorum and the vulnerability of physical intimacy, as a metaphorical exposure in front of the closest circle or complete strangers, as a choice between the humble temperance and opulent indulgence: as a place where it is worth to succeed.</p>

Video NoD Residency: JOZEF MRVA jr.


<p>&quot;<em>The artistic research of Adam Vačkář is going at a pace that, in some respects, is a clear reference to the field of science. However, Vačkář&rsquo;s intuitive approach aims at turning this pace upside down, making it circular and giving the elements that make it up and dictate the rhythm an aura that is sacred and at the same time ambiguous.</em></p> <p><em>Vačkář&rsquo;s works that are featured in this exhibition, in the form of a real terrestrial composition, the simulacrum of a possible future conformation that is irretrievably near and that sees the pollution of the ecosystem as the prevalent aspect, act as a warning signal and proof of a future that is already present.</em></p> <p><em>Perhaps it&rsquo;s this term &ldquo;possible &rdquo; that represents the key to interpreting Vačkářs work. His entire artistic production is made up of mainly elusive constructions that are the result of a mix of industrial waste like plastic, steel and glass together with natural elements like branches or other parts of trees.</em>&quot;</p> <p>Domenico de Chirico, curatorial text excerpt</p>

TRANSGENIC MYTH / Pavel Příkaský

<p>The real and the abstract mix in Pavel Prikasky&rsquo;s pictures like fluids in laboratory solutions, the picture layers simulate the surface of a body or systems of internal material changes. Currents of nutrients flow through the painting, the pictures carry a micro world, hybrid physical bodies appear. He links to current phenomena such as genetic modification or medical practice. He approaches his painting as in growing a culture, like a live tissue, bio-matter.</p>


<p>The exhibition Standing, Holding a Waterlily carries on in the artist&acute;s activist approach to major serious subjects, tackling them in ways that tend to give up the programmatic canon of standard interpretations and terminologies, for the sake of a largely emotional and personal, perhaps even somewhat simplistic operational mode. The premise of confronting art with the looming environmental and human catastrophe has over the last few years become increasingly polarized, apart from which, however, it has likewise assumed the contours of a programme, notwithstanding the fact that, as ever, any tangible output has remained at least indeterminate. The straightforward, openminded and well-intentioned position &ndash; up to a point of self-abnegation with which Brousil has invariably treated complex, often virtually intractable problems &ndash; inevitably engenders vulnerability, a condition which a good deal of art production tends to conceal behind irony, theorizing, or formal ploys. However, it is simultaneously also a commentary on the embedded typology of the male artist, on that arogant, self-centered confidence manifesting itself in an unwillingness to communicate anything in an open, explicit manner.</p>

RAFANI ART APARTMENT in the Heart of the City

<p><strong>RAFANI ART APARTMENT in the Heart of the City</strong></p> <p>A newly furnished flat in the heart of old Prague. A unique living space, with culture and entertainment at a stone&#39;s throw from home. The flat is a project mounted by the art collective Rafani, encompassing a month-long period.</p> <p>The flat has a separate bedroom with a twin bed, bedside tables, a wardrobe and a vanity&nbsp;table. The living room is furnished with a sofa and two armchairs offering an ideal angle for watching TV. The dining room is fully furnished to accommodate four guests. Toilet, bathroom and kitchenette are accessible from communal space. The flat is situated on the same floor with a coffee bar and a small theatre hall.</p> <p>The flat is centrally located, in a neighbourhood which has everything you need to get to know Prague, in the proximity of Wenceslas Square, the National Museum, the Vltava river and the main railway station, all of this within a walking distance of just a couple of minutes. Churches and synagogues are just round the corner, as is a Hare Krishna restaurant. Cultural attractions (concerts, parties, theatre, art) wait for you within easy reach in all directions ( The block containing your flat houses one of the finest restaurants in town serving local food and tank-stored draft Pilsner beer. To savour all of Prague&acute;s delights here, you may well stay within a mere kilometre-wide perimeter. The block&acute;s ground floor is the home of one of Prague&acute;s hippest music clubs.</p> <p><strong><em>Warning: According to a Harvard University research study, the Czechs rank at the top of the EU racial prejudice scale.</em></strong></p> <p>Metro (line B, N&aacute;měst&iacute; Republiky station) and tram stops are located in immediate proximity. The Main Railway Station is just a ten-minute walk away.<br /> You are advised to skip a tour of Prague Castle, as its premises are guarded by the Czech Army.</p> <p>Warning: Beware of excrements! Prague has the largest per capita number of dogs.</p> <p>Sanitary facilities are shared with the resident theatre club.<br /> Nightlife</p> <p>Please don&acute;t manipulate items on display.<br /> Half-spiral oak wood staircase.<br /> Coffee bar opening hours 10:00 a.m. &ndash; 01:00 a.m.<br /> Prague is jammed with cars. Paid parking lots.<br /> Toilet, bathroom and kitchenette.<br /> CCTV in the coffe bar communal space only.</p> <p><strong><em>MOTTO: Our Union&nbsp;is a Higher Form of Individuality.</em></strong></p>

Everyone looks in the same direction / Pavel Humhal

Frutti di Mare Project / Artists Talks